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Twisted double arrows flow chart showing switching process
from deck Branching Thin Arrows for Process Flow Split or Merge (PPT Diagrams)

Twisted Double Arrows - Switching Process Flow Chart

Slide Content

The slide depicts an interchangeable process flow chart using twisted double arrows to illustrate the swapping of two flows, labeled "Flow A" and "Flow B." It emphasizes the cyclical exchange between two processes or concepts. Each flow is represented with a distinct icon - a gear for "Flow A" suggesting operations or mechanics, and a flask for "Flow B" hinting at experiments or chemical processes - and placeholder text, inviting the presenter to add specific details.

Graphical Look

  • Two large, twisted arrows in green crossing each other, suggesting a switch or interchange between two elements.
  • Two circular icons with thin green outlines, one with a gear symbol representing "Flow A" and one with a flask symbol representing "Flow B."
  • Two rectangles with title tabs, one above each icon, labeled "Flow A" and "Flow B" respectively.
  • Four editable text fields, two below each icon, allowing for further explanation or details pertaining to each flow.
  • The slide background is plain white, emphasizing the colored elements without distraction.
  • Thin blue lines align with the circular icons and text boxes to maintain symmetry and balance.

The slide's design is clean and minimalistic, with a clear focus on the process exchange represented by the twisted arrows. The use of green for the arrows and icons adds a vibrant contrast to the otherwise neutral color palette.

Use Cases

  • Visualization of a process interchange or feedback loop in a business process presentation.
  • To clarify roles and responsibilities that might shift between departments or teams in an organizational setting.
  • Ideal for use in a training or educational presentation to demonstrate the exchange of information or resources.
  • Can be adapted to show workflow or data swap in IT service management or software development lifecycle presentations.

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