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Text slide template completed with picture
from deck Turquoise Lines Presentation Template (PPTX slide deck)

Headline slide for Tagline or Call to action

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is designed to feature a prominent headline to introduce a tagline or a call to action. The slide is streamlined and concise, providing a focused platform for the presentation's main message or for triggering audience engagement with a clear and concise directive.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background features a high-resolution, slightly out-of-focus photograph of a workspace.
  • There is a laptop on the left side with a part of its keyboard visible.
  • To the right of the laptop, there is a camera lens, indicating photography-related content or creativity.
  • On the far right, a smartphone is laying on the wood surface with earphones plugged into it.
  • The text is placed centrally at the top in large, bold, white font for clear visibility.
  • A subtle shadow effect is applied to the text, which enhances readability against the background.

The slide has a contemporary, professional look with a personal touch due to the inclusion of everyday technology items. The centrality and clarity of the text ensure the message is prioritized.

Use Cases

  • Kicking off a presentation with a strong opening message to capture the audience's attention.
  • Transitioning to a critical section of a presentation where audience action is desired.
  • As a closing slide to leave the audience with a memorable message or instruction.
  • In marketing presentations to highlight a slogan, unique selling proposition, or to initiate a customer call-to-action.

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