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Triangle of circles list for three elements
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Triangle of Circles List - 3 Elements

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Triangle of Circles List - 3 Elements" presents a graphical representation of a list with three key points. Each point is denoted by a circle containing an icon and space for text, arranged in a triangular formation. The icons symbolize communication, data storage, and technology. Alongside the graphic, there's a text box meant for a heading, a subheading, and additional descriptive bullet points, which suggests that each circle in the graphic can correspond to the bullet point details provided.

Graphical Look

  • A large title at the top in bold, dark text.
  • Three circles of varying sizes and colors (blue, green, and purple) arranged in a triangular shape in the center of the slide.
    • The blue circle at the top with a speech bubble icon signifies communication.
    • The green circle on the bottom right with a laptop icon symbolizes technology or computing.
    • The purple circle on the bottom left with an open box icon represents data storage or packaging.
  • A rectangular text box on the right side, aligned with the title, featuring a header and bullet points for detailed text.
  • Each circle contains the placeholder text "Your text" in a large, legible font.
  • Thin lines connect the circles subtly, showing the relationship between the elements.

The slide has a clean and modern design with a clear hierarchy, emphasizing the connections between the three elements. The use of icons and color-coding aids in visual differentiation and topic association.

Use Cases

  • To depict a strategic relationship between three core business concepts or departments.
  • To illustrate steps in a process that has a cyclical or interdependent nature.
  • For presenting key areas of focus in a project plan or company overview.
  • As an agenda slide summarizing the three main topics to be discussed in a presentation.

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