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Problem analysis illustrated with a tree diagram with a description
from deck Tree Branch Diagram Root Cause Template (PPT graphics)

Problem Analysis Tree Diagram

Slide Content:

The slide presents a conceptual framework for analyzing problems, consisting of three main components: causes, symptoms, and the problem itself. Each component is allocated a dedicated section where specific descriptions can be added. Causes are the underlying factors that lead to the problem, symptoms are the visible manifestations of the problem, and the problem is the central issue being addressed.

Graphical Look:

  • A large tree graphic with roots, trunk, and canopy, symbolizing the Problem Analysis Tree Diagram.
  • Three distinct color-coded sections: blue for Causes, purple for Symptoms, and orange for Problem.
  • Circular nodes with icons connect the tree graphic to each section, suggesting a relationship.
  • The tree's roots, trunk, and branches are stylized to visually integrate with the text sections.
  • A clean and modern design with a grey dotted line running vertically, symbolizing a connection between the elements.

The slide has a professional and engaging design, with a clear visual metaphor of a tree representing the structural analysis of a problem. The color coding and icons aid in distinguishing between different components of the analysis.

Use Cases:

  • In strategic planning sessions to dissect complex business challenges.
  • During problem-solving workshops to facilitate understanding of root causes.
  • In project management to illustrate potential risks and their origins.
  • For educational purposes, teaching problem analysis methodologies.

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