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Baltics Transportation Map - infoDiagram
from deck Baltic States Europe Maps with Administrative Territories (PPT editable)

Baltics Transportation Map Presentation Template

The terms Baltic Sea Region, Baltic Rim countries (or simply the Baltic Rim), and the Baltic Sea countries/states refer to slightly different combinations of countries in the general area surrounding the Baltic Sea, mainly in Northern Europe. The term "Baltic states" refers specifically to one such grouping. Wikipedia

This PowerPoint template visualizes the transport rotations such as flights and train connections over the map of the Baltics. The template is supplemented with icons and diagrams to highlight certain areas and transportation methods.

What Does This Baltics Transportation Map Slide Include?

  • Map of the Baltic region.
  • Dot lines.
  • Purple reverse teardrop diagrams.
  • Plane icon, train icon, team meeting icon, and online meeting icon.
  • Text boxes for the company meeting details.
  • White background.

This Baltics Transportation Map slide is a part of our Baltic States Europe Maps with Administrative Territories PowerPoint Template.

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