Traffic lights status example for six elements with description boxes
from deck Status Traffic Light RAG Table Graphics (PPT Template)

Red, Yellow, Green Status Template – 6 Elements with Description

Slide Content:

The slide is structured to present a status report across six categories, using the traffic light color-coding system to denote different levels of urgency or completion. Red signifies critical issues or stops, yellow indicates caution or tasks that are in progress and require attention, and green represents tasks that are complete or on target. This visual approach offers a clear and immediate understanding of project status or operational health.

Graphical Look:

  • Six traffic light icons arranged in two columns, each with a different colored light illuminated: red, yellow, or green.
  • Grey horizontal rectangles adjacent to each traffic light for adding text descriptions.
  • Each traffic light icon is in a square with a grey border.
  • Vertical colored lines on the left side of each text rectangle correspond to the color of the traffic light (red, yellow, green).
  • The background of the slide is white, with a clean and uncluttered look.

The slide has a simple, organized layout with a repetitive structure that makes it easy to compare statuses across different elements. The color coding is instantly recognizable and conveys the intended message efficiently.

Use Cases:

This slide would be useful in a variety of business presentations, particularly for project management updates, operational status meetings, or any scenario where a clear visual representation of progress is required. It's also suitable for dashboards in performance reporting.

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