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Top up 12*50 credits for infoDiagram slides
from deck Top up 12*50 credits for infoDiagram slides

Slide Title

The slide does not contain an explicit title.

Slide Content

The slide presents a pricing plan of $1390 for a service, detailing that the plan includes 50 credits monthly and offers a 12 months top-up option with a 17% savings. It specifies that the credits are for infoDiagram slides subscription access, suggesting that the slide is likely related to a subscription model for a service that provides presentation resources, such as templates and icons, to its customers. Each bullet point contains specific aspects of the subscription:

  • $1390: This is the price for the plan being presented.
  • 50 credits monthly: Subscribers receive a quota of credits each month to exchange for the service's resources.
  • 12 months top-up (saving 17%): A long-term subscription option that provides a discount for advance payment.
  • Credits for infoDiagram slides subscription access: These credits are likely exchangeable for downloadable content such as slide templates or icons from infoDiagram.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a dark purple color.
  • A large, white, stylized price tag graphic dominates the center of the slide. This graphic includes a thick outline and what appears to be a representation of a string loop at the top, suggesting attachment or pricing tag imagery.
  • Inside the tag graphic is the main text content, which is white and clearly contrasts with the purple background for readability.
  • The most prominent feature inside this tag is the price "$1390," which is the largest text and bolded, drawing attention to the cost of the plan.
  • Below the price are three lines of smaller white text describing the subscription terms, formatted in a list-like fashion.
  • One of the corners of the slide features a small orange square containing a design element or logo.

The slide has a simple and visually appealing design with a bold color scheme and focused content. The use of the price tag graphic effectively highlights the pricing information, making it the central point of the slide.

Use Cases

  • Presenting subscription package details to potential clients during sales meetings or webinars.
  • Outlining pricing structures for the company's services in a pitch deck to investors.
  • Displaying internal company offerings to employees, explaining benefit programs or internal resources.
  • Including in marketing materials, such as online presentations, to attract new customers.

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