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Top up 12*10 credits for infoDiagram slides
from deck Top up 12*10 credits for infoDiagram slides


Slide Content

This slide appears to be about a pricing plan for a subscription service. Priced at $290, the plan includes 10 credits monthly and a 12 months top-up. These credits are presumably for accessing infoDiagram slides, indicating that the plan provides access to a repository or library of presentation slides and resources for a period of one year.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dark teal background.
  • A lighter teal note-like shape is centrally placed with white ruled lines at the top, resembling a notebook page or a notepad.
  • Large white, bold text announcing "$290" is positioned at the top of this notepad shape.
  • Below the price, three bullet points are listed, detailing the subscription terms: "10 credits monthly," "12 months top-up," "Credits for infoDiagram slides subscription access."
  • Text is white, with consistent typography across the slide, except for the price, which is significantly larger to emphasize importance.
  • No other decorative icons or elements are present on the slide.

The slide is minimalistic with a clear focus on the pricing information. Its visual style is professional, utilizing a color contrast to emphasize key information.

Use Cases

  • Presenting pricing options during a sales pitch to potential customers of a subscription service.
  • Illustrating subscription plans in a business-to-business (B2B) partnership proposal.
  • Outlining costs and benefits in a marketing presentation to highlight service features.
  • Including in a financial presentation to stakeholders or investors to show available packages for purchase.

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