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strategy timeline template with background
from deck Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)

Stripe & Line Timeline with theme picture

Slide Content

The slide presents a visual timeline covering the years 2017 to 2021. Each year is denoted by a vertical color stripe over a scenic mountain background, paired with placeholder text for an 'Item title' and additional descriptive text. This indicates a timeline format where events or milestones for each year can be detailed. Events or milestones are generally significant happenors that are noteworthy within a given time frame, and this slide offers a structured format for presenting such information.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large panoramic background image of a mountain landscape, visible behind translucent colored stripes.
  • Each stripe represents a year from 2017 through 2021, with five stripes in total.
  • The colors of the stripes are varied—green, yellow, purple, another shade of green, and blue.
  • On each colored stripe, there are three text placeholders for 'Year', 'Item title', and additional information, in white font.
  • The top of the slide contains the title "Stripe & Line Timeline with theme picture" in white, capital letters.

The slide's design blends the picturesque tranquility of a mountain scene with the structured clarity of a timeline. The color-coded stripes create a clear distinction between different years or phases, against the serene and continuous backdrop of the natural landscape.

Use Cases

  • Detailing a company's milestones and achievements over the years in a visually engaging way.
  • Showcasing the evolution of a project or product from inception to the current state or future projections.
  • Illustrating the growth of a business in terms of expansion, revenue, or other significant metrics over a set period of time.
  • Using in educational settings to present historical events or developments in a timeline format.

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