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Timeline for strategy steps implementation
from deck Problem-Solving Meeting Template (PPT graphics)

Next Steps Timeline

Slide Content

The slide titled “Next Steps Timeline” outlines a three-point timeline with the months "Jan 2018," "May 2018," and "Nov 2018" as milestones. Each milestone is associated with a banner containing placeholder text labeled "Your sample text," which suggests the slide is designed to be customized with specific actions or events that occur at each time point. These bullets are likely intended to describe specific tasks, goals, or outcomes pertinent to each respective date.

Graphical Look

  • Three circular milestone markers labeled "Jan 2018," "May 2018," and "Nov 2018" interconnected by a horizontal timeline.
  • Each milestone marker is connected to a corresponding rectangular banner with a folded ribbon design at the bottom.
  • The banners are colored in different shades of blue and contain bullet points with the placeholder "Your sample text."
  • An arrow at the end of the timeline indicates continuity or progression beyond "Nov 2018."

The slide has a clean, professional look with a minimalist design. The use of blue tones provides a sense of calm and order, while the timeline offers a clear visual representation of progression or phases.

Use Cases

  • Presenting project milestones or deadlines in a business meeting.
  • Outlining the phases of a marketing campaign during a strategy presentation.
  • Demonstrating the expected progress of product development over the year in an investor pitch.
  • Summarizing key dates and actions for organizational change management in a stakeholder update meeting.

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