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Example of timeline zigzag diagram illustrated with flat icons
from deck Webinar Presentation of Problem-Solution (PPT template)

Timeline Diagram 2

Slide Content

The slide presents a colorful horizontal timeline diagram with labeled icons representing different stages or events. There are six circular nodes connected by a path, each node paired with a unique icon and a placeholder text "Add text here," indicating that detailed descriptions for each stage can be inserted by the presenter. The icons are a cogwheel, a user silhouette, a video camera, a thumbs-up, a downward arrow, and stacked bars, symbolizing process, user, media, approval, direction, and quantitative information respectively.

Graphical Look

  • The timeline is composed of circles connected by lines that form a path with gentle curves, each of a different color.
  • At each node, there is a pictogram icon representing different concepts:
    • A gear symbolizing settings or process.
    • A person silhouette indicating user or human element.
    • A video camera for multimedia or recording.
    • A thumbs-up for approval, achievement, or positive feedback.
    • A downward-pointing arrow suggesting download, direction, or guidance.
    • Three stacked horizontal bars representing data or statistics.
  • Each icon is gray and placed against a circular background matching the color of its corresponding node.
  • The background of the slide is plain white, ensuring that the colorful timeline stands out.
  • The text placeholders "Add text here" are in a contrasting dark gray color, drawing attention to the points for narrative addition.

The slide has a clean, modern look with a visually engaging color scheme. Its simple yet effective design conveys information in an organized, easy-to-follow manner.

Use Cases

  • To showcase project timelines and key milestones during a business presentation.
  • To illustrate the progression of steps in a process or workflow in a training or educational setting.
  • For presenting the chronological development of a product or campaign during marketing or sales meetings.
  • As a visual aid during progress reports or updates in team meetings or stakeholder briefings.

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