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time infographics for 7 items with milestones and textboxes
from deck Timeline Diagram Infographics (flat PPT template)

Teardrops & line timeline – 7 items

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a timeline with seven points across a horizontal axis. Each point on the timeline is marked by a teardrop-shaped icon with a month and year label, and corresponds to a colored content box with the placeholder text 'Item title' followed by bullet points labeled 'Your sample text'. The colors of the teardrop icons and the content boxes cycle through blue, green, and darker shades, offering a visual distinction between each point in the timeline.

  • Each time point has a teardrop icon with a specified month and year (e.g., 'Jan 17', 'Feb 17', etc.).
  • The content boxes labeled 'Item title' represent topics or events.
  • The bullet points under 'Item title' are placeholders for detailed information related to the topic or event of that time point.

Graphical Look

  • The timeline is displayed horizontally across the slide.
  • Seven teardrop-shaped icons with month and year labels lie along the timeline.
  • Icons are connected with a gray line that includes arrows indicating forward progression.
  • Each teardrop icon is connected to a corresponding rectangular content box.
  • Content boxes are colored alternately in shades of blue, green, and darker tones for visual segmentation.
  • Bullet points within the content boxes have round bullet symbols.

The overall design of the slide is clean and modern, with a visually engaging teardrop theme that aids in the sequential representation of information. The use of alternating colors for the content boxes enhances readability and differentiation between each timeline item.

Use Cases

  • To present a project timeline with key milestones and deliverables.
  • For summarizing events or progress across multiple periods in a visual manner.
  • Ideal for business reviews or updates where sequential information needs to be conveyed clearly.
  • Useful in educational settings to outline historical events, processes, or stages in a concept's development.

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