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Filter four-layers diagram with icons and brief description
from deck Multi-level Layer Diagrams (PPT Template)

Filter Diagram with 4 Layers

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide shows a "Filter Diagram with 4 Layers," representing a step-by-step process or layered filtering system. Each layer is designated with a unique color and icon, indicating a distinct stage. Layer 1 is the "Entry Filter" where initial criteria or inputs are applied, followed by Layer 2 as the second level of filtering, then Layer 3, and finally, Layer 4 is labeled as the "Last Filter," implying the final stage of the process. Each filter layer comes with space for text to elaborate on what each filter signifies or accomplishes.

Graphical Look

  • Four vertical bracket-shaped outlines, each a different color (orange, green, blue, purple), represent the four layers of the filter.
  • Within each bracket, there's a specific icon that symbolizes the filter layer (a link, a strategy symbol like a chess piece, a mobile device, and a battery).
  • At the start of the first bracket, a horizontal arrow points towards it, and at the end of the last bracket, a horizontal arrow points away, indicating the direction of the workflow or process.
  • Text fields are available beneath the title of each filter and the corresponding icon, providing a placeholder for detailed explanations.
  • The icons and brackets are interconnected by thin colored lines that match the colors of the brackets.

The slide employs a clean and modern design with vivid colors to differentiate between each step of the filter process. The icons are simple yet descriptive, providing visual cues to what each filter layer represents.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating a multistep process in business presentations to show how information, tasks, or products are filtered or refined through various stages.
  • Describing a workflow in project management meetings, where each stage of the diagram can represent a phase in the project lifecycle.
  • Outlining a decision-making sequence in strategic planning sessions, detailing criteria for progressing from one stage to the next.
  • Presenting a customer journey in marketing discussions, mapping out how a client's engagement is developed and narrowed down at different touchpoints.

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