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Text Document, Written Materials Icons
from deck Outline Business Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Text Document, Written Materials Icons

Slide Content: The slide presents a collection of icons representing various aspects of text documents and written materials. These icons symbolize page attributes, word processing, writing, financial information, leaflets, executive summaries, one-pagers, checklists, audits, compliance, control, reports, notes, cards, deadlines, time, clocks, temporary documents, and financial summaries. Each icon appears to visually encapsulate the concept it represents—for instance, a document with a checkmark for a checklist, a page with a dollar sign for financial information, and a clock for deadlines.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided into a light grey left side and a black right side.
  • A set of eight icons is evenly distributed over the light grey portion, aligned in two rows.
  • Each icon consists of a stylized representation of a document-related concept, like a page with a dollar sign or a report with a user profile icon.
  • On the dark right side, there are three icons - one in each box colored light blue, white, and yellow to demonstrate their visibility on different background colors.
  • Each icon is enclosed within a rectangle with rounded corners, with the icons on the dark side being highlighted by a contrasting rectangle.
  • The slide title is placed at the top in large bold letters on the light side.
  • Beneath the icons on both sides are small text labels indicating "Fully editable" and "Suitable for dark background".
  • A promotional footer with a URL spans the bottom of the slide.

The slide is clean and professional, using both color contrast and spatial alignment to provide a clear visual differentiation between icons tailored for light and dark backgrounds. The dichotomy of the light and dark background efficiently demonstrates the icons' versatility.

Use Cases:

  • In a presentation detailing document management systems and processes.
  • For illustrating workflow steps involving documentation in project management updates.
  • While introducing a new documentation policy or standard in a company meeting.
  • In educational materials explainingvarious document-related functions, like financial reporting or auditing procedures.

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