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Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)
from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Scrum Icons: Roles

Slide Content

The slide outlines the various roles within a Scrum team using icons. The Scrum Master is depicted with a megaphone icon, indicating their role as a facilitator and guide for the Scrum process. The Stakeholder icon has a lightbulb, suggesting their importance in providing direction and requirements. The Product Owner is shown with a product box, representing their responsibility for the product vision and prioritization. The Developer is illustrated with a laptop, symbolizing their work in creating the product, while the Customer is represented with a shopping bag, denoting the end user for whom the product is made.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Scrum Icons: Roles" is centered at the top in bold, large font.
  • Five stylized stick figure icons represent different Scrum roles, each paired with a symbol relevant to their role.
  • Each icon is associated with a label beneath it on a ribbon-shaped banner, stating the role title: Scrum Master, Stakeholder, Product Owner, Developer, and Customer.
  • The color palette is consistent, featuring shades of gray for text and banners, and green for the role-relevant symbols on the icons.
  • The background color is a plain and light, allowing for the icons and text to stand out.

The slide is clean and minimalistic, using simple graphics and a limited color scheme to convey information quickly and efficiently. The icons are large and easily decipherable, creating an immediate connection between the symbol and the role it represents.

Use Cases

  • To introduce team members to their roles and responsibilities within the Scrum framework during a training or onboarding session.
  • In a presentation outlining the structure and workflow of a Scrum team to stakeholders or new clients to provide clarity on the project management approach.
  • As part of an educational lecture or workshop discussing Agile methodologies, specifically focusing on the roles involved in Scrum.
  • To visually summarize the key players in a Scrum project during a team meeting for quick reference and alignment of duties.

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