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E-commerce conversion optimization sales funnel
from deck Sales Funnel Diagrams and Pipeline Process Charts (PPT icons template)


Slide Content

The slide illustrates the stages of an e-commerce conversion optimization sales funnel. It starts with "Targeted Prospects," realized through paid/organic content marketing, emphasizing the need to attract a specific audience. The "Lead Magnet" follows, featuring a free report or e-book as a method to generate leads by providing value. Next is the "Tripwire product," a low-cost item priced at $10, representing an initial, affordable offering designed to convert leads into paying customers. The "Core product" priced at $100, signifies the main offering that provides significant value. Lastly, the "Premium product" at $1000, exemplifies the highest-value offering, targeted toward the most committed customers.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a clean white color.
  • A large teal funnel graphic dominates the right side of the slide, tapering from left to right.
  • Each funnel stage is clearly labeled with text for the stage name and supporting descriptive text.
  • Iconography is used to represent each stage: a group of people for "Targeted Prospects," an open book for "Lead Magnet," a tag for "Tripwire product," a shopping cart for "Core product," and a diamond for "Premium product."
  • A thumbs-up icon represents a successful conversion at the end of the funnel.
  • A price point is associated with each of the paid product stages.
  • Text and icons are color-coordinated in shades of teal to match the funnel.
  • A vertical gray bar labeled "MARKET" anchors the leftmost part of the slide, with smaller blue person icons representing the market or potential customers.

The slide is clean and professional, using color coordination and visual hierarchy to effectively communicate the sales funnel stages. The icons and price points provide a quick understanding of each stage's concept and value.

Use Cases

  • To explain the sales process in e-commerce during a marketing strategy presentation.
  • To train sales teams about the customer journey and conversion strategies in an e-commerce context.
  • To analyze and discuss potential improvements in the sales funnel during business development meetings.
  • To pitch to investors or management about the company's sales strategy and how it intends to increase conversion rates at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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