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Target Client Characteristics Slide - infoDiagram
from deck Marketing Buyer Persona (PPT Template)

Target Client Characteristics PowerPoint Template

A Target Client Characteristics presentation template is a visual representation of the characteristics of a target customer or client. This target client characteristics slide includes demographic information such as age, gender, occupation, income, education level, and other important data points that help define the target customer. It also includes a replaceable photo in the center to adapt to your presentation needs. The template can be used as a starting point for sharing your marketing insights or discussing strategy with your team.

What Does This Target Client Characteristics Slide Include?

  • 4 different sections for demographics, background, goals & needs, and technology.
  • Orange, blue, green, and purple diagrams to differentiate each section.
  • Icons: IT & internet, software, mobile, social networks.
  • White background.

This Target Client Characteristics slide is a part of our Marketing Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template.

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