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Table of Content Template – Outlined Notebook Shape
from deck Meeting Outline Agenda & Sections Indicators (PPT Template)

Table of Content Template – Outlined Notebook Shape

Slide Content

The slide is a visual representation of a table of contents laid out in an outlined notebook shape. It consists of three main sections, each accompanied by bullet points for detailed sub-items. Each section begins with "Write a numbered list text description," indicating where the presenter should include key topics or chapters. Sub-points are placeholders for a more detailed explanation of each main point, suggesting a structured and hierarchical organization of content typically found in presentations, reports, or documents.

Graphical Look

  • The slide’s background is white, emphasizing the content and icons.
  • The title "Table of Content Template – Outlined Notebook Shape" is placed at the top in a large, bold, blue font.
  • A stylized representation of a notebook is featured, complete with a blue outline and ring bindings depicted along the top edge.
  • Three numbered main points are presented in bold, black font, aligned to the left side of the notebook representation.
  • Each main point includes two sub-points, formatted as bullet points with a standard black font, indicating additional information.
  • To the right, a circular icon encloses a simplified image of a flip chart with text lines, resembling a structured presentation or document.

The slide uses a simple and clean design with a limited color palette, mainly blue and black, to maintain focus on content. The outlined notebook graphic provides a thematic and organized framework for the listed content.

Use Cases

  • The slide can be used in educational presentations to display the breakdown of lectures or curriculum sections.
  • In business meetings, it can serve as an agenda or overview of the presentation's main topics and sub-topics.
  • For project kickoff presentations, it would be useful to outline the phases of the project and their corresponding deliverables or tasks.
  • When drafting a report, proposal, or any comprehensive document, this slide can illustrate the structure of its content, providing clarity to the audience.

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