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Synergy of mission, vision and goals diagram
from deck Vision Mission Presentation Template (PPT Diagrams)

Synergy of Mission, Vision and Goals – Venn Diagram

Slide Content:

The slide illustrates the interconnected nature of a company's mission, vision, and goals using a Venn diagram. The mission describes the company's current operational objectives, the vision portrays the future aspirations, and the goals represent the specific targets the company aims to hit. The overlapping areas of the diagram symbolize the synergy and alignment necessary among these elements for the company's success.

Graphical Look:

  • A three-circle Venn diagram in the center, with overlapping sections in different colors.
  • An icon of a light bulb for the 'Your Company' text box, symbolizing ideas or inspiration.
  • An icon of an eye for the 'Vision' text box, denoting foresight or clarity.
  • An icon of a rocket for the 'Goals' text box, indicating progression or achievement.
  • An icon of a flag for the 'Mission' text box, representing objectives or end-points.

The slide uses a simple and effective design with a Venn diagram to visually demonstrate the relationship between a company's mission, vision, and goals. The use of icons and color coding aids in distinguishing between the different elements.

Use Cases:

  • In strategic planning meetings to align different aspects of a business plan.
  • During team workshops to facilitate understanding of how individual roles contribute to the overall company strategy.
  • In investor presentations to depict how the company's various strategic elements integrate.
  • For orientation sessions to give new hires an overview of the company's strategic direction.

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