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2023 Sustainability Outlook Calendar
from deck Corporate ESG Sustainability Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Sustainability Outlook Calendar Template

This is a slide illustrating a complex timeline in the form of a calendar, allowing you to mark actions to be taken in the company's environmental, social, and governance policy. Plan quarter goals, locate them on the timeline with notes and let your audience compare them and memorize them efficiently. Learn more about the ESG framework on Wikipedia.

What Does This Sustainability Outlook Calendar Template Include?

  • Navy Environmental, Social, and Governance section for titles and your goals
  • Outline icons of hands holding a globe, people, and government building
  • Vertical grey columns representing four quarters of the year
  • Navy horizontal lines for each goal timeline
  • colorful arrow-shaped editable text containers for your actions
  • Red and yellow marks with exclamation marks, stars, and text fields for special events

This Yearly Sustainability Outlook Calendar Template is a part of our Corporate ESG Sustainability Report Presentation PPT Template.

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