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Sustainability Outline Icons Set – Legislation
from deck Corporate ESG Sustainability Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Sustainability Outline Icons Set – Legislation

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a series of outline icons related to legislation, each paired with a concept: Sustainability Act (reflecting laws designed for environmental protection), Certificate (indicating official documentation), Trust (showing a legal arrangement), Bill Writing (the process of drafting legislation), Document (representing paperwork or records), Compliance (denoting adherence to laws), Approvement (likely a misspelling of 'Approval', suggesting sanctioning or endorsement), Labor Law (the field of laws concerning employment), Law (referring to the system of rules), Acts (indicating legislative decisions), Books (likely law books or legal reference materials), Government (denoting the governing body or system), Court (the judiciary branch where legal cases are heard), Justice (the principle of fairness in law), and Scales (symbol of legal balance and justice).

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional design with a two-tone background split diagonally from the top right to bottom left.
  • The background's upper part is white, while the lower part has a dark teal color, giving an elegant contrast.
  • The slide title is positioned at the top left, using a bold, uppercase font.
  • Icons are laid out in a grid format, evenly spaced, with eight icons on the white background and one highlighted icon encircled on the dark teal background.
  • Each icon is simple and conceptual, designed as an outline with a minimalist style.
  • The icons on the white background are in a single dark teal color, maintaining a uniform look.
  • The highlighted icon on the dark teal background is encircled with a white stroke and uses the same dark teal color as the other icons for consistency.
  • At the bottom right of the slide, a phrase "Fully editable icons" emphasizes the versatility of the icons.

The slide has a modern and organized appearance, with its use of space and contrast creating a clear distinction between elements. The minimalist icon design ensures that the focus remains on the content without unnecessary visual distraction.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the components of a legislative framework during a legal or governmental presentation.
  • As a visual aid in environmental presentations illustrating laws and certifications related to sustainability.
  • For educational purposes, teaching about the key elements involved in the legislative process or legal compliance.
  • In corporate presentations, to discuss the aspects of labor law and compliance that are relevant to the company's operations.

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