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Survey infographics template
from deck Simple Flat Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Survey infographics template

Slide Content

The slide illustrates a poll survey result with a graphical representation of different opinions. Iconic red, blue, and grey speech bubbles depict the distribution of responses across three categories: Opinion A, Opinion B, and a third unspecified category. Opinion A is symbolized by blue speech bubbles, implying a specific viewpoint or choice, while Opinion B is represented by red speech bubbles, indicating an alternative perspective or selection. The grey speech bubbles likely represent either abstentions or a neutral standpoint, filling in the remainder of the response spectrum.

Graphical Look

  • A large rectangle tilted to the left with a 3D shadow effect filled with rows of speech bubble icons.
  • Speech bubble icons are divided into three colors: blue at the top, red in the middle, and white at the bottom.
  • Two large speech bubble shapes positioned to the right of the slide, one above the other.
  • The upper one is blue and contains the text "Opinion A".
  • The lower one is red and contains the text "Opinion B".
  • A bold, centered title text "Poll survey" is placed to the right of the red speech bubble.
  • All elements are placed on a white background giving the slide a clean, minimalistic look.

The slide has a modern and clean design, with a strong visual impact due to its use of contrasting colors and a systematic arrangement of its elements.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the results of a customer satisfaction survey in a business meeting.
  • Analyzing voter preferences during a political campaign strategy discussion.
  • Displaying feedback results from product testing in a marketing presentation.
  • Summarizing employee opinions from internal surveys during a company town hall meeting.

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