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Supply Chain Map Example: Production, Distribution

Slide Content

The slide visualizes a supply chain map showing the flow of goods between production and distribution across several countries in Europe. Each country is denoted with a colored label, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, while icons represent different parts of the supply chain such as factories and warehouses. Arrows indicate the direction of product movement, exemplifying a network of supply chain operations. This map is a simplified representation intended to illustrate the complexities of logistic networks.

Graphical Look

  • A large gray-colored map of Central and Eastern Europe occupies the majority of the slide.
  • Dashed arrows crisscross the map, symbolizing the movement of goods between different countries and regions.
  • Colored labels with country names are placed on the map, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.
  • A variety of icons, including factories, a warehouse, and a truck, represent logistical elements within the supply chain.
  • Two decorative ribbons are positioned at the top left and contain the slide's title and a subsidiary text saying "Fully Editable".

The slide has a clean and professional design with a limited color palette, emphasizing clarity and readability. The visual elements such as icons and arrows are well-integrated with the map, making it easy to understand the geographical context of the supply chain.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating an organization's existing supply chain network during internal strategy sessions.
  • Presenting a proposed supply chain model to potential partners or investors.
  • Educating employees or stakeholders about the geographic spread and complexity of logistics operations.
  • Analyzing and discussing potential vulnerabilities or points of improvement within the supply chain during risk assessments.

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