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Studying, Graduation, E-books, Favorite Lessons, Creative Learning icons
from deck Flat Multicolor Icons for Business Infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Education & Knowledge #4

Slide Content

The slide, titled "Education & Knowledge #4," displays icons associated with various educational concepts. "Studying" is represented by a stack of books with an apple on top, symbolizing traditional studying methods. "Graduation" features a figure in a graduation cap, indicating the achievement of completing an educational program. "E-books" shows a digital representation of text, signifying the modern alternative to physical books. "Favorite Lessons" is illustrated with a notebook and a heart, suggesting engaging and preferred course content. "Creative Learning" encompasses a human head silhouette with a lightbulb and paintbrush, depicting the incorporation of creativity into the learning process.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is dark with a lighter frame bordering the content area.
  • A two-column layout, with five icons each paired with a label.
  • The icons are flat, vector-style images featuring a combination of blue, orange, and gray colors.
  • Each icon is situated within a white circle that contrasts with the dark background.
  • Labels are in white text under each icon, making them stand out.

The slide has a modern and clean aesthetic, with minimalistic icons that clearly represent each concept. The contrast between the white elements and the dark background makes the information easy to absorb at a glance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the components of an educational program to students or educators.
  • Describing online learning tools and resources in a corporate training session.
  • Illustrating various stages or aspects of academic life in a school or university presentation.
  • Use in educational technology pitches or demonstrations to highlight features and benefits.

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