SWOT Analysis of the company and new market template
from deck Marketing Strategy Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

SWOT Analysis of the Company and New Market Slide Description

The slide presents the SWOT analysis template for the company and new market:

  • Strengths - strong experience, ensured budget, technology, team available
  • Weakness - lack of experience, low budget, unknown technology, small team
  • Threats - low demand, competition offers, growing market situation, positive financial trends
  • Opportunities - increasing demand, weak offer of competition, unstable market situation, negative financial trends

Each of the SWOT analysis components is visualized with a dedicated icon and an extendable place for the description

SWOT Analysis of the Company and New Market Slide Includes

SWOT analysis, predesigned template, icons, descriptions, strengths, weakness, threats, opportunities, fully PowerPoint editable colors, texts and shapes

Find out more about SWOT analysis here

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