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Status Mood Symbols

Slide Content

The image shows a PowerPoint slide titled "Status Mood Symbols" that features an array of icons representing various emotional states and directional tendencies. The mood symbols include "Happy," resembling a smiling face, "Satisfied," which is a neutral yet content face, "Good," another smiling face with a slightly different design, "Neutral," an indifferent face, "Indifferent," a face with a straight line, conveying an unmoved or passive mood, "Sad," displaying a frown, "Bad," another unhappy face, and "Unsatisfied," which also expresses displeasure. The arrows denote "Positive," pointing upwards, symbolizing growth or improvement; "Growth," also an upward arrow, indicating an increase or success; "Up," another upward symbol emphasizing a rise or escalation; "Negative," directed downwards, marking decline or deterioration; "Decrease," pointing down, depicting a reduction or loss; and "Down," an arrow looking down, representing a fall or a drop.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "Status Mood Symbols" is displayed prominently at the top in a large, bold font.
  • There are two rows of icons: the top row contains smiley faces, and the bottom row contains arrows.
  • Each icon is housed within a simple, circular outline.
  • The smiley face icons depict a range of expressions from happy to unsatisfied.
  • The arrow icons represent various directions such as up and down, symbolizing positive and negative growth or change.
  • The slide has a pair of icons on the right side that are highlighted as "Fully editable" for color changes, demonstrating versatility against different backgrounds, with one example set titled "Suitable for dark background."

The slide has a clean, minimalist design, using grayscale for the majority of the icons while selectively using colors to emphasize editable elements. Each icon variously reflects feelings and trends in a simple and universally understandable manner.

Use Cases

  • To visually represent customer satisfaction levels in a business presentation.
  • To display employee morale as part of a human resources report.
  • To illustrate market trend analysis, capturing upward and downward movements.
  • To aid in feedback collection results during a product or service review.

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