Stakeholder Onion Diagram PPT Slide
from deck Stakeholder Analysis Diagrams (PPT Template)

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This slide shows a stakeholder onion diagram visuals with layers of explanation. The core layer, as the name insinuates, shows the core product or solution. The next layer defines the business system, such as the closest operations around the core product/solution. Then we have the business model layer, symbolizing product and environment, and interactions. And next comes the market environment as external stakeholders, and the last outer layer shows the other stakeholders involved. All the graphics are editable, so you can write your description and add your own comments. The presentation is compatible with Google Slides and Keynote too. Click on the picture to see the whole Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template.

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Onion Diagram, 3D Box Icon, Gear Icon, Suitcase Outline Icon, Globe Icon, Man Icon, Arrow Vectors

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