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Production goals split illustrated with outline icons
from deck Branching Thin Arrows for Process Flow Split or Merge (PPT Diagrams)

Example: Production Goals Split to Process Scheduling, Growth Maintenance, Continuous Innovation

Slide Content

The slide outlines key components of a strategic production approach, which are split into three main objectives: "Proper processes scheduling," which implies optimizing when and how tasks are performed, "Maintain growth," indicating a necessity to balance production, support, and financial aspects, and "Continuous Innovation," suggesting to stay ahead through constant improvements and development of products or processes. Two specific production goals are detailed: ensuring manufacturing remains highly effective and efficient, and optimizing resources while maintaining employee satisfaction.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is dark with a wide top banner that includes the slide title in white and light gray text.
  • On the left, a light blue vertical bar with white text serves as a header for a text box that outlines the "Production Goals."
  • Within the text box, there are two goals listed using dark gray text on a white background.
  • To the right, there are three round icons, each within a colored circle and with a text box adjacent to it. These elements are connected by white arrows that imply a flow or relationship.
  • The icons are: a gear for processes scheduling in green, a chart for maintaining growth in yellow, and a sprout for continuous innovation in teal.
  • The text boxes next to each icon are rectangular with a colored tab at the top that matches the icon circle. They contain descriptions in white text.

The slide has a professional, sleek look with a clear emphasis on visual hierarchy, using colors and shapes to highlight key concepts and relationships between them.

Use Cases

  • To present a company's strategic approach to splitting high-level production goals during a management meeting.
  • In a workshop on process optimization, explaining how scheduling, growth maintenance, and innovation intertwine.
  • While pitching to investors, highlighting the systematic approach to achieving efficient production and continuous growth.
  • During an internal training session, to teach employees about corporate strategy relating to production and innovation .

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