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Spinning shutter circle template for 7 colourful stages
from deck Shutter Graphic & Circle Segment Diagrams (PPT Template)

Spinning Shutter Circle Graphics Template - 7 Stages

Slide Content

The slide depicts a segmented circular diagram meant to illustrate a process divided into 7 stages, with each segment represented by a different color and icon. The stages are enumerated from 1 to 7 and corresponding space is provided for a description of each one. Such a layout is commonly used to describe a multi-step process or a sequence of events in a cyclical nature, where each part is significant and contributes to the whole.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a large multicolored circle at the center, segmented into seven parts like slices of a pie, each in a distinct color and with a unique icon representation.
  • A dark circular arrow overlays the segmented circle, suggesting cyclical motion or a repeating process.
  • To the right, there is a vertical list aligned with the circle, with numbers from 1 to 7, each with a corresponding colored dot that matches the color of a segment in the circle.
  • Each numbered element in the list is followed by text fields labeled "Stage" and a number, where descriptions can be written.
  • The slide background is white, letting the colorful elements stand out.
  • Each icon within the circle segments represents a different stage or concept; these include symbols such as a satellite, a bar chart, a house, a document, an umbrella, a diamond, and a coffee cup.
  • The overall design is clean and modern, using bright colors and flat icons to create a visually engaging and organized representation of information.

The overall look of the slide is professional and vibrant with a clear focus on illustrating a process or cycle through an easily understandable visual metaphor. The slide's design enables easy interpretation of the relationship and sequence between the different stages outlined.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in business presentations to illustrate the steps in a project lifecycle or product development.
  • It can serve to describe the phases in a marketing strategy or sales process.
  • The slide is ideal for training or educational presentations to explain a theory or concept that has multiple components or stages.
  • It can also act as a visual aid for discussions about improvement or evaluation cycles within a quality management system or business process.

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