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Special data types icons: report, personal data, user profile
from deck IT Icons: Mobile & Smart Devices, Computer & Telecom Networks (PPT Template)

Special Data Types Icons

Slide Content

The slide demonstrates a collection of icons representing special data types and system functions. It lists icons for "Report" (indicative of documents with statistics or analytics), "Personal data" (symbols for user-focused information), "User profile" (likely representing settings or account information for an individual), "Compressed file archive" (depicting a zipped folder or file collection), "Settings" (the gear icon typically associated with configuration options), "Sliders" (suggesting adjustable controls or preferences), and "Options" (another term for choices in settings), as well as "Preferences, Gear."

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is a clean white space.
  • The title "Special Data Types Icons" is prominently displayed at the top in dark blue, bold font.
  • Under the title, there is a list in a smaller font elaborating on the types of icons, including Report, Personal data, User profile, and others.
  • To the left, five colorful icons representing the listed data types are arranged in a grid. Each icon has a small shadow, giving them a slight three-dimensional effect.
  • The right side contains a section titled "Available in other convenient versions," with a wavy separator line beneath the text.
  • Underneath the wavy line, there are rows of monochrome icons which correspond to the colorful icons on the left. These icons appear in three different color variations: dark blue, light blue, and white on a dark background.
  • Beneath the icons, a text block states "Fully editable icons."
  • Another text block and a blue banner at the bottom suggest that more icons are available and provide a website address.

The slide employs a modern and professional design with a well-organized layout and is visually balanced. The use of contrasting colors and simple iconography makes the content easy to interpret.

Use Cases

  • To present various software or application features in a business pitch or demonstration.
  • To illustrate data management options within an educational technology training or workshop.
  • For detailing user interface elements in a system during a design review or product development meeting.
  • To enhance the visual appeal of documentation or marketing materials for a tech company, ensuring clarity of the functions each icon represents.

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