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Meeting Plan & Transport Map Example over Portugal & Spain

Flight, Train Connections, Team Meeting Types

Slide Content

The slide features a meeting plan and transportation map illustrating travel and meeting schedules across Portugal and Spain. The map highlights three significant meetings in different cities, each designated by a unique alphabetical marker. 'A' indicates a meeting in Lisbon, Portugal on the 25th of May, labeled as "Portugal Meeting." Marker 'B' signifies the "First Spain Meeting" in Madrid on the 29th of May, and 'C' represents the "Second Spain Meeting" with an online conference component in Barcelona on the 16th of June.

Graphical Look

  • The overall color scheme is composed of blue, purple, and white.
  • There's a stylized map of the Iberian Peninsula serving as the slide's central visual element, with Portugal and Spain clearly outlined.
  • Each meeting location is indicated by a lettered circular marker (A, B, C) in a deep purple shade, placed in the respective city on the map.
  • The transportation routes are depicted with dotted lines, with icons representing planes and trains positioned along these paths.
  • To the right of the map, a vertical list matches the lettered markers to their details, including meeting type, city, and date.
  • Each detail box beside the list is adorned with icons suggesting the nature of the meeting—two figures for in-person meetings and a laptop for an online conference.

The slide is uncluttered with a clear visual distinction between different types of information, making it easy for the viewer to understand the sequence and mode of travel, along with the specifics of each meeting.

Use Cases

  • Planning and discussing logistical details for a multi-city business trip during company meetings or presentations.
  • Coordinating team movements and meeting points for event or project managers overseeing regional operations.
  • Showcasing a travel itinerary for executives or stakeholders to provide a snapshot of business travel plans.
  • Visual representation of company travel policies or preferred travel routes for employees embarking on business trips in the region.

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