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Smartart Template List for placing 10 items in 2 columns
from deck Infographics Circle Strip Lists Template (flat PPT Diagrams)

Flat Strips List – 10 items, 2 rows

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Flat Strips List – 10 items, 2 rows" and features a layout with ten placeholder elements for adding custom content. These elements are arranged in two rows of five items each. Each element consists of a circular shape paired with a strip that has a stylized ribbon end, indicating a space for text entry or bullet points. The design suggests a straightforward method for listing items or steps in a process, providing a clean and organized visual structure for presenting information.

Graphical Look

  • Ten circular blue shapes are evenly distributed across the slide, five on the left and five on the right.
  • Each circular shape is paired with a matching blue flat ribbon strip pointing towards the center of the slide.
  • The ribbon strips have a stylized end that simulates a cut or a bookmark shape.
  • Placeholder text "Put your text here." is overlaid on each of the ribbon strips, indicating where a user should insert their own content.
  • The overall color scheme utilizes shades of blue, with the circular shapes being a darker hue than the ribbon strips.

The slide has a symmetrical and balanced design, with a professional and clean appearance. The use of blue tones and simple shapes gives it a modern and sleek look.

Use Cases

  • To outline steps in a business process or workflow during a presentation.
  • For listing key points or features of a product in a sales or marketing pitch.
  • As an agenda or contents slide to preview topics that will be covered in a meeting or seminar.
  • To display comparative lists or sets of data in a side-by-side format for easy visualization and discussion.

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