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Simple Circle Pie Chart 4 Categories Shares Distribution with Legend and Icons
from deck Creative Percentage Shares Pie Charts (PPT Template, data-driven)

Simple Circle Pie Chart

This PowerPoint slide template is designed to showcase a four-category share distribution with a legend and icons. It is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of business presentations to effectively convey data and insights. The clear and concise visuals make it easy for the audience to grasp the key takeaways, while the customizable elements allow for a personalized touch.

What Does This Simple Circle Pie Chart Include?

  • A large, central pie chart divided into four distinct segments, each representing a different category
  • A vibrant color scheme that differentiates the segments and enhances visual appeal
  • A legend positioned adjacent to the pie chart, clearly labeling each segment with its corresponding category and percentage share
  • Four rounded rectangular boxes placed around the pie chart, each containing a placeholder for a descriptive title and a text box for further elaboration
  • Outline icons of a rocket, innovation, money, income, profit, megaphone, marketing, light bulb, idea

This Simple Circle Pie Chart is a part of our Creative Percentage Shares Data-driven Pie Charts PPT Template.

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