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Severe Weather Accidents Icons
from deck Simple Flat Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Severe Weather Accidents Icons

Slide Content

This slide titled "Severe Weather Accidents Icons," underlines the various icons representing different force majeure events related to severe weather. The keywords beneath the title include hurricane, tornado, flood, heavy storm, hail, lightning, damage, climate extreme, disaster, storm, challenge, natural catastrophe, calamity, and danger. These concepts encompass a range of natural disasters, emphasizing the types of emergency situations that the icons might represent.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, offering a high-contrast backdrop for the icons and text.
  • There are six icons evenly distributed in two rows of three, depicting severe weather events.
    • The first icon shows a cloud with rain and hail, indicating a storm.
    • The second one illustrates a tornado, shown as a spiraling wind.
    • Next is a cloud with a lightning bolt, representing a thunderstorm.
    • A tree falling on a car implies damage from a storm or high winds.
    • A house with a cloud above it could symbolize a home in the path of severe weather.
    • The final icon shows three wavy lines representing flooded water levels or flood conditions.
  • Each icon is designed in a flat, minimalist style with a monochromatic color scheme, using a shade of dark blue.
  • The icons are paired with smaller versions depicted on a black background with a blue and white design to show suitability for different background colors.
  • On the right side of the slide, the text "Fully editable" and "Suitable for dark background" inform that the slide‚Äôs content can be customized, and the icons can adapt to various presentation styles.

The slide has a clean and modern appearance with an intuitive layout that makes it easy to understand at a glance. The use of flat design icons and a simple color palette ensures clarity and visual consistency.

Use Cases

  • To present weather-related risk analysis in a business continuity plan.
  • In educational materials explaining different types of severe weather conditions.
  • During a disaster response training, to visually convey the types of emergencies responders may encounter.
  • In insurance company presentations to showcase types of weather incidents covered under various policies.

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