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Slide Content

The slide titled "KEY SERVICES REVENUE" breaks down revenue into four categories: SINGLE, MIX, BUNDLE, and FULL. Each category has a corresponding financial figure, represented by blue, green, and orange bars respectively. "SINGLE" generated $3.2M, indicating the revenue from a single service or product. "MIX" refers to a combination of services with $2.5M in revenue. "BUNDLE" produced $5.8M, likely from a package of services or products. "FULL" includes perhaps a full suite of services or products, showing a revenue of $4.8M.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is dark navy blue, with a horizontal orange accent line.
  • Four vertical bar graphics represent different categories, with the tallest in the center.
  • Each bar has a lighter shade top section with a title: blue for "SINGLE", green for "MIX", green for "BUNDLE", and orange for "FULL".
  • Revenue figures are prominently displayed on each bar in white font.
  • Each category title is in uppercase white letters, within a darker rectangle at the bar top.
  • There's a subtle drop shadow behind each bar, adding depth to the graphics.

The visual composition is balanced and clean, utilizing a dark background to emphasize the colorful bar graphics. The bars are of varying heights, directly representing the revenue amounts, which allows for quick visual comparison.

Use Cases

  • Presenting company financials during an annual general meeting or investor presentation.
  • Analyzing product or service line performance in a management or team meeting.
  • Showcasing revenue data in a sales strategy or business development meeting.
  • Comparing revenue streams in a dashboard report or financial review.

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