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Service Level Agreement Offer Template, Key B2B Segment SLA
from deck B2B Customer Segmentation Models Presentation (PPT Template)

Service Level Agreement Offer Template, Key B2B Segment SLA

Slide Content

This slide is designed as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) offer template focused on the business-to-business (B2B) segment. It includes sections for Agreement, Role, and Client Information, likely for detailing the parties involved, the nature of the SLA, and contact information. Each section comes with placeholders for names, dates, and descriptions, encouraging customization for specific agreements and roles involved. The slide also includes a table for services and pricing, with blank fields for service details and associated costs.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dominant orange, blue, and green color scheme.
  • The top portion of the slide features a clear, bold title in dark text.
  • There are three main content blocks, each with a distinct icon in a colored circle: a shield for "Agreement," a human figure for "Role," and a handshake for "Client Information."
  • Icons are paired with colored speech bubble shapes that contain text placeholders.
  • A horizontal bar spans the bottom, containing a table with columns for Service ID, Count, Price, Total, and Description.
  • The slide design is clear and uses flat graphic styles without any gradient or shadow effects.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional, with a clean layout that emphasizes clarity and usability. The color-coded sections and icons provide an intuitive guidance for the presenter to input relevant information.

Use Cases

  • Tailoring SLA details during a business pitch to a potential client in the B2B sector.
  • Explaining the roles and responsibilities to stakeholders during contract negotiation meetings.
  • Reviewing service pricing and specifications with the client’s procurement team.
  • Customizing and presenting contract terms in internal meetings to discuss client management strategies.

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