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September (US) – with place for notes
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September (US) – with place for notes

Slide Content

The slide is a calendar template for the month of September in the United States format, indicating that it has space allocated for notes. The days of the week are laid out from Sunday to Saturday, and specific calendar dates are visible with placeholders for notes alongside some dates. This slide provides a visual representation of the month, allowing the audience to place events, tasks, or reminders on specific days.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light blue header with the title "September (US) — with place for notes" in a larger, bold font.
  • There is a dark blue vertical banner on the left side with "September2021" written vertically, suggesting the calendar's year.
  • The days of the week are labeled across the top of the calendar grid in all caps and have a slightly darker grey background than the rest of the slide’s background.
  • Each day is displayed in a white or light grey box within the calendar grid, with alternating colors to differentiate the weeks.
  • The box for Sundays and Saturdays is tinted light blue, possibly indicating non-working days.
  • There are small textual placeholders on some dates, presumably to mark notes or events, denoted by "(a note...)" in italic.
  • The slide background outside the calendar grid is a light grey shade.

The overall design is clean, with a professional color scheme centered around various shades of blue and grey. The alternating grey and white calendar days, along with the weekend highlighting, create visual segmentation helpful for quick reference.

Use Cases

  • To display company-wide key dates and deadlines in a corporate presentation.
  • To schedule and overview project milestones and deliverables in a project management meeting.
  • To outline events and activities in an educational or training presentation.
  • To showcase holiday periods or special dates in a travel or hospitality business presentation.

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