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September 2015

Slide Content

The slide represents a calendar for the month of September 2015, highlighting various project timelines. Project 1 spans from September 28th to 29th, Project 2 encompasses September 21st to 23rd, Project 3 extends for a single day on September 17th, and Project 4 also covers one day on September 5th. Adjacent to the calendar are placeholder texts indicating where additional details or explanations for each project's timeline can be inserted.

Graphical Look

  • The calendar for September is presented with each date in a gray or white box, arranged in traditional weekly rows and weekend columns differentiated in orange shade.
  • Dates involved in projects are highlighted with colored circles — teal for Project 1, orange for Project 2, yellow for Project 3, and purple for Project 4.
  • A purple curved arrow points from the date box of September 5th to a text box that contains sample text placeholders.
  • Each project has a corresponding legend box at the bottom with a colored square and the project name beside it.
  • There is a green banner at the top with a left-pointing arrow graphic containing the slide title in white text.

The overall look is modern and clean, with a good use of color coding to easily distinguish between different projects. The visual elements such as color highlights and shapes are used effectively to connect the calendar dates with the explanations on the side.

Use Cases

  • To present project timelines and deadlines during a monthly team meeting.
  • For structuring a monthly update presentation to stakeholders outlining progress and next steps.
  • As a visual aid in a planning session to allocate resources and tasks across different project phases within the month.
  • To display at an information booth or in an office space for general awareness of key dates and project status.

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