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September 2015 notes slide powerpoint project timeline
from deck School Calendars 2015 2016 graphics (US date format, PPT tables and icons)

September – with place for notes

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is a visual representation of a monthly calendar for September 2015, designed for project planning and noting important dates. The calendar uses color-coded arrows and placeholders to denote different projects and provides a clear structure to track project timelines or task durations. Each project arrow spans across multiple dates, for example, "Project 1" spans from the 14th to the 17th, indicating the project's active phase. "Your note here" boxes indicate places where specific notes or details can be added to tailor the calendar to the user's needs.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of light grey to white.
  • A blue vertical tab on the left with the year "2015" indicates the calendar year.
  • The calendar grid represents the days of the week from "SUN" to "SAT".
  • Each date is enclosed in a rounded rectangle.
  • Colored arrows with rounded tails stretch across multiple dates representing project durations:
  • A blue arrow for "Project 1"
  • An orange arrow labeled "Project 2"
  • A green arrow marked "Project 3"
  • Text boxes with "Your note here" suggest where to add personalized annotations.
  • The upper right corner features a small text box for "Usage example" in a light orange background.

The overall visual composition of the slide is clean and purpose-driven, with a focus on clarity and functionality. The colors are used effectively to differentiate between projects, and the graphical elements are designed to facilitate planning and note-taking.

Use Cases

  • To visually communicate project timelines during a team meeting or project kickoff
  • For individual project managers to keep track of multiple projects and deadlines
  • To present progress updates to stakeholders or clients by marking completed and pending stages
  • As a template for monthly planning in various departments, such as marketing campaign schedules or IT system updates

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