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5 stages Semi Transparent Funnel schema
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Slide Content

The slide depicts a funnel with a semi-transparent design, featuring five sections labeled one through five, each accompanied by a placeholder text "Your sample text" to be replaced with relevant information. The funnel illustrates a process flow or a filtering concept where multiple inputs or stages lead to a single outcome, denoted by an arrow at the bottom pointing towards a banner labeled "Outcome."

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, providing a clean and uncluttered canvas.
  • A large semi-transparent funnel graphic dominates the central portion of the slide, with a light blue gradient.
  • Inside the funnel, there are five circular shapes, each filled with a solid dark purple color and containing white numbers from 1 to 5, indicating the sequence of the objects within the funnel.
  • Next to each circle, aligned to the right, there are sea-green colored ribbons with pointed edges, each containing the placeholder text "Your sample text" in white font.
  • An arrow in dark purple points downward from the narrow end of the funnel, leading to a green colored banner at the bottom with the word "Outcome" written in white.

The slide has a clean and modern design that uses color contrast effectively to highlight different elements of the funnel process. The use of semi-transparency in the funnel graphic adds a layer of depth to the visual composition.

Use Cases

  • To explain sequential stages in a sales funnel during a marketing presentation.
  • To describe the filtering process of a project's selection criteria in a management meeting.
  • To illustrate the workflow and the elimination process in a quality control or product development context.
  • To present the reduction of options in decision-making processes to stakeholders during a strategy session.

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