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School Calendars 2015 2016 graphics (PPT tables and icons, EU ISO dates)
from deck School Calendars 2015 2016 graphics (EU ISO dates, PPT tables and icons)

1st semester

Slide Content

The slide titled "1st semester" showcases a timeline of events for a specific academic or fiscal period, the second half of 2015 to the beginning of 2016. It includes six months from August to January, with each month represented as a column containing placeholder text where specific events or milestones can be added. There's an implication that these descriptions will elaborate on the activities or subjects pertinent to each month during the semester.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of gray shades.
  • A large arrow spans across the slide horizontally, indicating the passage of time or sequence.
  • Each month is represented by a column underneath the arrow with the month's name at the top.
  • The months are denoted in dark text with a light-colored background for easy readability.
  • Every monthly column contains four bullet points with placeholder text.
  • The font color of the placeholder text contrasts with the background for visibility.
  • There is a year indicator on the arrow, "2015 - 2016," suggesting the timeline‚Äôs scope.
  • The overall visual style is minimalistic and professional.

The slide has a clean, professional look, utilizing a timeline to present sequential information effectively. Its design is suited for a corporate or educational presentation where clarity and simplicity are key.

Use Cases

  • Presenting academic schedules such as coursework deadlines, exam dates, or holiday breaks during a semester.
  • Displaying corporate or project milestones, such as product releases or marketing campaigns, across months.
  • Illustrating a business's fiscal periods with key financial reporting or planning dates.
  • Summarizing historical events or achievements for a company or institution in a half-year review.

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