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Segmented wheel diagram for 3 items
from deck Shutter Graphic & Circle Segment Diagrams (PPT Template)

Segmented Wheel Diagram Template - 3 Parts

Slide Content

The slide presents a 3-part segmented wheel diagram intended for breaking down and explaining three interconnected topics or concepts. Each segment of the wheel has a corresponding text box with a title: "Title 1" discusses an area marked as "A," "Title 2" aligns with area "B," and "Title 3" is associated with area "C." These text boxes allow for detailed explanations of each segment, indicating that this template is used to display parts of a whole, steps in a process, or categories within a system.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large, centered circular diagram divided into three colored segments: green, blue, and orange.
  • Each segment of the wheel is linked to its own rectangular text box with rounded edges.
  • The text boxes are aligned horizontally to the left and right sides of the wheel and are colored white with colored side borders matching the wheel segments.
  • Each text box contains a title, placeholder text, and a letter ("A," "B," "C") within a small circle matching the segment color.
  • The background of the slide has a muted cityscape image, creating a professional backdrop for the content.
  • A translucent white overlay covers the cityscape which increases contrast for the wheel diagram and text boxes.

The slide has a clean, modern design with bold colors that help differentiate the three segments of the wheel. The design is visually balanced, with the segmented wheel diagram as the focal point of the slide.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating the components of a business model or strategy by breaking it down into three key elements.
  • Illustrating the steps in a process or phases in a project timeline where there are three distinct stages.
  • Showcasing a comparison among three products, services, or ideas, making it easy to differentiate and compare them.
  • Explaining the relationship between three core organizational values, objectives, or departments.

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