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Segment Details Quadrant Matrix Diagram – Bottom Right
from deck Quadrant Matrix Diagrams and Market Segmentation Charts (PPT Template)

Segment Details Quadrant Matrix Diagram – Bottom Right

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Segment Details Quadrant Matrix Diagram – Bottom Right" and is designed to provide detailed text descriptions for a specific segment, labeled "Segment C - High X Dimension." It features a quadrant matrix with four distinct segments A, B, C, and D colored in blue, green, red, and brown, respectively. "Segment C" is highlighted in the matrix and a detailed bulleted list beside it offers customizable placeholders for adding descriptions about the characteristics of this segment.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a clean, white background.
  • There is a 2x2 quadrant matrix at the left side of the slide, each segment represented by a different color (green for Segment B, blue for Segment A, red for Segment D, and brown for Segment C).
  • Segment C within the matrix is enlarged and appears in the bottom-right quadrant.
  • A brown, right-oriented arrow points from Segment C in the matrix to a detailed text section on the right that matches the color theme of Segment C.
  • Beside the matrix, on the right, is a text area with a bold header "Segment C – High X Dimension." The text area contains bulleted placeholders for customizable descriptions.
  • A small, square icon resembling a 3D box, colored in matching brown, is positioned near the lower right corner of the slide, accompanied by the label "Segment C."

The visual design is professional and uses color-coding to provide visual context and focus on a specific segment within the quadrant matrix.

Use Cases

  • Presenting market analysis where different segments require individual explanation.
  • Highlighting a particular business unit's performance within a portfolio matrix.
  • Discussing product features in relation to their market position.
  • Providing a detailed overview of strategic initiatives corresponding to a specific quadrant in a planning session.

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