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Scrum user stories planning poker card icons PPT
from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Additional Scrum Artefacts

Slide Content

The slide presents various elements associated with "Additional Scrum Artefacts," likely used in the context of agile project management and software development. It includes user story templates, which describe a feature from the perspective of an end user, estimation cards symbolizing planning poker for effort estimation, and a placeholder card marked 'Card X', which could represent a task or feature yet to be defined.

Graphical Look

  • A large heading at the top in bold, dark text against a pale background for contrast.
  • Two sticky note-style graphics: one yellow and one with a white paper and spiral top design, both featuring placeholder text ", , " to emulate user stories.
  • A set of planning poker cards with numbers 1 and 3 visible; they are depicted with an isometric design to give depth.
  • An additional placeholder card labeled 'Card X,' designed to look like a singular item, separate from the estimation cards.

The slide employs a simple and clear design aesthetic, utilizing familiar symbols and visual metaphors from agile methodologies. The colors are bright but not overwhelming, allowing for each visual element to stand out on its own.

Use Cases

  • During a workshop teaching Scrum fundamentals, to explain the artifacts used in the process.
  • Within a Scrum team meeting, to discuss how user stories will be written and estimated.
  • In a seminar focused on Agile methodologies, to give an overview of additional tools that can augment the basic Scrum framework.
  • As part of a project kickoff, to introduce the tools and templates that will be used for managing the project effectively.

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