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Scrum Project Management Toolbox (PPT icons)
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Scrum Meetings – Retrospective

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Scrum Meetings – Retrospective" seems to be centered on how to conduct retrospective meetings within the framework of Scrum, a methodology for managing and completing complex projects. The slide contains two main graphical elements labeled "Big icon" and "Thumbnail icon", which may represent different retrospective techniques or aspects. Each visual metaphor could be expanding on specific parts of the retrospective process, like reviewing past sprints or identifying areas for improvement.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain and white, focusing attention on the content.
  • The title "Scrum Meetings – Retrospective" is placed at the top in large, bold, blue font making it the focal point.
  • There are two images that appear as the primary visual content.
  • The first image, labeled "Big icon," depicts a person standing next to a flip chart with various charts and stickers, suggesting a review or planning process.
  • The second image, labeled "Thumbnail icon," shows a stylized circular arrow encasing a lightning bolt, symbolizing energy, dynamism, or a cyclical process such as continuous improvement.
  • Both images sit on a shaded flat bar which helps to separate the icons from the slide title and to give a floating effect.
  • The fonts used for the labels "Big icon" and "Thumbnail icon" are smaller than the title, grey, and less prominent.
  • The color scheme is muted, with grey and blue tones and orange accents in the big icon emphasizing specific points.

The slide's design is simple with a professional appearance. It efficiently communicates concepts through its use of clear, symbolic imagery, and creates a visual hierarchy between title, icons, and descriptive labels.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the concept and importance of retrospective meetings in Agile and Scrum training sessions.
  • Introducing different retrospective techniques or tools during a team meeting or workshop.
  • Kick-starting a discussion on lessons learned and continuous improvement strategies in a project post-mortem analysis.
  • Enhancing a proposal for process improvement with visual aids to better communicate the proposed methodology.

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