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Scrum process flowchart scribble sketch hand drawn schema
from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Scrum Icons: Scrum process – scribble style

Slide Content

The slide presents a visual concept for the Scrum process using a unique "scribble style". The image depicts a cyclical flow or process, outlined with a thick, scribbled line that forms a loop with an arrowhead, suggesting the iterative nature of Scrum where one cycle leads into the next. The main image is accompanied by two smaller thumbnail versions, illustrating potential alternatives or simplified representations of the same concept. These indicate the flexibility and adaptability of the graphic depending on presentation needs.

Graphical Look

  • Main graphical element is a large, circular arrow looping back on itself, designed in a scribbled, hand-drawn style.
  • The arrow is thick and orange with shaded scribble texture, conveying an informal and creative feel.
  • There are two smaller thumbnail versions in the top right corner, one with the same scribble texture and another simplified, composed of a light gray line.
  • The slide background is white, providing a clean contrast that makes the orange scribble stand out.
  • Text labels are used to differentiate the "Full slide version" from the "Thumbnail version".

The overall look of the slide is creative and informal, with a focus on an iterative process symbolized by the looping arrow. The use of color and texture gives the diagram a distinctive, hand-drawn character.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept of Scrum and its iterative nature during an agile project management training session.
  • To visually explain the Scrum cycle in a project kickoff meeting to align the team with the process.
  • In a workshop setting, to stimulate discussion about the various phases of Scrum and how each team member contributes to the cycle.
  • To compare traditional project flow to the Scrum process in a sales pitch for agile coaching services.

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