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Scrum process diagram flat loop shape template
from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Scrum process – flat style

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Scrum process – flat style" and provides a simplified visual representation of the Scrum agile framework. The slide contains graphic elements that represent the Scrum process cycle such as iterative development, continuous improvement, and the cyclical nature of agile projects.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • The main graphic is a large, orange, circular arrow pointing clockwise, which represents the cyclical and iterative nature of the Scrum process.
  • There is a smaller, secondary graphic in the upper right corner that mirrors the style of the main graphic but with purple and orange accents. This indicates a sub-process or a part of the overall Scrum cycle.
  • A horizontal arrow stretches out from the bottom of the main circular graphic, symbolizing forward progression.
  • Three additional, progressively smaller circular arrows are aligned diagonally in the top right, each with a base-stem, depicting a breakdown or a detailed view of the Scrum process stages.

The slide has a clean and modern look, using flat design elements. The use of contrasting colors such as orange and purple adds visual interest, and the hierarchy of shapes effectively illustrates a process flow.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept of Scrum or agile methodology in a training or educational session.
  • As part of a kickoff meeting for a new project to explain the project management approach to stakeholders.
  • In strategy meetings to remind team members of the agile development cycle and encourage adherence to agile principles.
  • During a review or retrospective meeting, to analyze the team’s progress and identify areas for improvement within the Scrum framework.

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