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from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Scrum Icons: Artefacts 3

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Scrum Icons: Artefacts 3" presents four key scrum-related concepts, each represented by an icon and a label. These include "Time," denoted by a clock icon, which implies the importance of time management in scrum processes. "Meeting, Round table" is represented by a cluster of circles, suggesting collaboration and discussion among team members. "Issue, Question" is shown with a question mark icon, highlighting potential inquiries or problems that may arise. Lastly, "OK sign, Thumbs up / down" features thumbs up and down icons, indicating approval or disapproval, often used in review processes. Similarly, the "Document thumbnail" icon, paired with a representation of a document, signifies the documentation or artifacts generated during a scrum project.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a soft white color.
  • Each concept is represented by a colorful icon positioned above a light grey ribbon banner with the respective label written in black text.
  • The "Time" icon features an orange clock with white hands and a small orange reflection, symbolizing speed and urgency.
  • The "Meeting, Round table" icon consists of a central orange oval with six smaller circles surrounding it, depicting a group or teamwork setting.
  • An orange question mark icon with white stripes, casting a reflection, signifies "Issue, Question," suggesting an element of uncertainty or challenges to be addressed.
  • The "OK sign, Thumbs up / down" contains two hands, one with a thumbs up and the other with a thumbs down, both in shades of orange with a reflection, denoting acceptance or rejection.
  • "Document thumbnail" is an image of a piece of paper with orange stripes and shadow, representing written records or outputs.

The overall look is clean and minimalist, with the use of bright orange icons to quickly convey key scrum concepts visually. The grey banners offer a subtle contrast that keeps This slide could be used in various business presentations, such as:

  • To introduce scrum methodology components and their significance during a training session for new team members or departments unfamiliar with agile processes.
  • As part of a refresher course for existing teams to reinforce the importance of time management, documentation, collaboration, and decision-making in scrum processes.
  • In a workshop setting, where participants are discussing challenges and best practices within their scrum workflow, using the icons as visual prompts.
  • During a project kickoff meeting to set expectations and explain the artifacts and processes that will be integral to the team's scrum practice.

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