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Scribble symbols: health care related
from deck Health Care Medical and Pharmaceuticals Icons (PowerPoint clipart)

Scribble symbols: Health care related

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of hand-drawn, healthcare-related symbols. Each icon represents a different aspect of health and medical services: a cross for general healthcare, a heart for cardiac care or health, test tubes for laboratory work or research, an eye to represent vision or observation, and stick figures with a heart and test tube possibly illustrating doctor-patient interactions or healthcare professionals at work. These doodle-like graphics convey a sense of informality and approachability in discussing healthcare topics.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, providing a clean canvas for the icons.
  • Each scribble symbol features a combination of a few colors, with orange and shades of blue and green being predominant.
  • The icons are arranged in two rows, with a balance between the left and the right side of the slide.
  • In the top row, there are three icons: a cross, a heart, and a pair of test tubes with varying shades of blue and orange hues.
  • In the bottom row, from left to right, there's an eye symbol followed by two stick figures interacting with a heart and test tube, indicating human elements in healthcare.
  • The large circle with a heart on the bottom right stands out due to its size and is designated for dark background use.
  • A banner at the top with the text "Fully editable" and a strip at the bottom suggesting "For dark background" are done in a contrasting teal color.
  • Each icon has a small shadow, giving a slight 3D effect on the otherwise flat icons.

The slide has a modern, playful design achieved through the use of hand-drawn symbols and a limited color palette. The overall appearance is professional yet friendly, suitable for engaging a broad audience.

Use Cases

  • To introduce different healthcare topics in a training or educational setting, using each icon to represent a specific topic.
  • In marketing materials for healthcare services, where the friendly design can make complex information more accessible.
  • When discussing medical research developments, using the test tube icons as visual metaphors for innovation.
  • During patient information sessions, to visually represent various aspects of patient care and services offered.

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