Scribble Style Organizational Chart Template | Professional Organization Matrix & Org Chart Templates to show Structure
from deck Company Organizational Structure Charts (PPT diagrams)

This slide shows an organizational chart template. You could use organization charts such as these to show functional hierarchies within your company, show different managers for different departments, and annual report presentations, add diagrams to review meetings for improved comprehension, show them to new employees during onboarding, help facilitate interdepartmental cooperation, etc. All org chart templates are fully editable, with icons coming in a vector graphic format. You can add shadows and other effects, resize shapes without loss of image quality, change fonts and add your own text & data, or customize colors to match your corporate palette.
Organizational chart templates compatible with PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft Office applications; Keynote, and Google Slides.

Matrix Org Chart Slide contents:

Organizational Structure Matrix PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Organizational Chart, Scribble Graphics, Textboxes, Post-it Note Graphics, Placeholder Text, Rectangle Graphics, Triangle Graphics, Gear Icon, Factory Icon, Moneybag Icon, Cash Icon, Diamond Icon, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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